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Choosing a wedding gift is an affair that takes responsibility. You might want to get a beautiful, original and useful gift. What is the couple like? Do they have kids? Did they move in recently? Is it a gift for your significant other for the very first anniversary?

In any case you can find a traditional yet original gift. How?

  1. We offer handmade wooden items. Each of them is absolutely unique.
  2. We can make a personalised gift by engraving the name of the recipient on the wood. A great option is individual packaging with a photo or your best wishes on it. The price of this service is 200-1000 RUB.
  3. Apart from the products in our catalogue we create gifts according to orders. We cooperate with artisan woodworkers. Keep in mind that we need time to discuss the specifics of your order, create it and ship it to you. Good work can take time!

Contact us at and we will definitely write back to you.

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