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Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages
Scandinavian style lamps
Burl and suvel: the "different" wood

Scandinavian style lamps

    The Scandinavian style has a certain irresistible charm, getting more and more fans in interior design. The use of light in scandinavian style interior design is one of the most interesting distinguishing traits of the style.

    Scandinavia is a region where sun doesn't set for long in the summer, but from the autumn on, the days are short and the nights are long and dark. The harsh northern climate and the beauty of the nature find their reflections in the Scandinavian style, ever the popular option in interior design around the globe.

    It may surprise you that Scandinavian style has existed for a comparatively short time, since the second half of the 19th century. Then the dark, unassuming and even somewhat Spartan interiors got the distinctive white walls, simple shapes and functional designs. The Scandinavian style is modest, yet attractive; it doesn't chase exquisite appearances, finding beauty in simplicity instead.

Scandinavian style: the properties

    One of the main features of the style is the domination of bright white colour, reminiscent of a snowy winter landscape. Such a landscape doesn't tend to look extremely cozy, though; thus, what makes or breaks the homelike atmosphere of the room in this style is the right choice of accessories and interior decorations.

    The style usually solves this problem laconically, as always:

  • firstly, coloured elements don't dominate the interior, rather just adding a few touches;
  • secondly, pastel shades, darker colder colors and natural materials, often in combination, are preferred.

    But the real Scandinavian style can't just be boiled down to white walls, a wooden coffee table and simple shapes of furniture. It's always worth paying attention to the quality and style of every item in the room. Scandinavian-style rooms are laconic and avoid excess and overload of furniture and accessories, which is why the design and positioning of the few items make the Scandinavian interior unique.

Light the room up!

    Both the natural and artificial lighting are important in interior design. Correct lighting setup makes the room look cozier and wider (especially with white walls). Light is also absolutely essential for our health and mental wellbeing. That's why the Scandinavian style with its liberal usage of light is not just an elegant, but also a healthy way to design a room.

    To provide enough light for a Scandinavian-style room without visually narrowing the room, you need fitting lights. For example, a lamp with a bright wooden lampshade might fit the room perfectly.

Lamps for Scandinavian-style rooms

    Lamps with simple wooden lampshades fit the style well. The best option are usually the lamps created with respect to the natural beauty of every piece of wood. Their laconic shapes are a perfect fit for a Scandinavian-style room.

    Such lights are usually hand-crafted. Thanks to that, they can usually boast both excellent quality and great design, well-suited for a cozy room. Their simple and expressive shapes combine modern design and natural roots.

    Their functionality is also important. Adjustable height (usually with a so-called "easel base") or a floor-based switch are just a couple of flexible solutions so prevalent in the style.

Finding the right place for your lamp

    The pine base of a wooden lamp protected with transparent lacqueur will go well with a wooden floor or furniture. Another great choice would be picking a black or white lamp. While the former will add a distinctive modern touch, the latter will create a softer, cozier light. A coloured lampshade will also fit well in a Scandinavian-style room, provided that it has generally the same hue as other coloured items in the room.

    A well=chosen light will make your Scandinavian-style interior design truly unique. Our web store offers a wide variety of lamps and accessories for Scandinavian-style rooms. Give us a visit and find that one special item to really bring the room together!

Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages
Scandinavian style lamps
Burl and suvel: the "different" wood

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