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Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages
Scandinavian style lamps
Burl and suvel: the "different" wood

Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages

Even the most spacious, clean and well-designed space may seem cold, uncomfortable and unwelcoming. That is, if there are no suitable light sources to make the place warmer, brighter and cozier. Wooden ceiling lamps, exquisite and safe to use, are one of the best options to choose when you need to light up your room in the best way possible.

Properties of wood

Wood is a natural material that can look strikingly diverse: no two pieces of wood are the same. Of course, wood can also have a wide variety of looks thanks to different woodworking techniques. The design of a wooden piece of furniture can vary from simple, modest and homely to chic, rich and intricate. That′s why a wooden lamp can fit into any room, looks great in a terrace or a gazebo and might add a nice touch to the interior of a cozy cafe or restaurant.

While creating wooden lamps, designers strive to subtly emphasize the natural beauty of the organic material. That′s why wooden lamps are rarely painted. Wood stain, lacquer or varnish are preferred to protect the wood from scratches, drying and insects.

Properties of wooden ceiling lamps

Wooden ceiling lamps can be either fixed firmly on the ceiling or hang from it. They come in different sizes, from smaller ones to grand chandeliers fit for a castle, and can consist of 100% wood or contain a few metallic parts. Every part of a ceiling lamp is usually treated to prevent parching and loss of color. Due to that treatment every buyer can have a long-lasting lamp that goes well with every style of room, making it unique and complete. A well-chosen ceiling light helps show the great taste of its owner. Wooden lights are a great touch in any kitchen or a living room in rustic or medieval style. They can also help make a nursery, a bedroom or a study look cozier. In a country house they look as exquisite and practical as anywhere else.

It′s also worth mentioning that wooden ceiling lamps don′t require any over-the-top preservation measures and are a low-maintenance option. Their lifetime can be kept at its highest by following a few simple and obvious rules of thumb:

  1. Wooden lamps shouldn′t be placed in open air;
  2. It′s recommended to place them out of direct sunlight;
  3. They shouldn′t be exposed to high humidity for extended periods of time.

The advantages of wooden ceiling lamps (as opposed to ceiling lamps made of other materials like metal or plastic) are near-obvious:

  • Longer lifetimes (no rusting metal, no yellowing plastic!)
  • Durability against mechanical damage;
  • Unique and elegant appearance;
  • Reliability and safety;
  • Show certain sophistication, yet fit almost everywhere!
  • Overall, a very ecologically sound choice

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Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages
Scandinavian style lamps
Burl and suvel: the "different" wood

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