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Wooden wedding

   The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries began around the end of the 19th century. The first class to do this was the bourgoisie, then the tradition spread all across the society in different countries. It was usually an occasion to congratulate the married couple and wish them luck and love. The congratulations and gifts are chosen according to the name of the wedding anniversary. The fifth wedding anniversary both in Russia and in English-speaking countries is called wooden wedding.

   There is some subtext to the name of the fifth anniversary. It is the first one to include a hard, firm and durable material like wood, which is also a warm organic material and a metaphorical fuel for the hearth.

   The congratulations for wooden wedding can be accompanied by wooden presents, per tradition. The material opens a wide variety of possible gifts, from statuettes and dishes to furniture. Although, no matter what your gift is, it will be gladly accepted if you give it with wholehearted best wishes for the family.