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Articles about style, interior design, and woodworking.

Wooden ceiling lamps: characteristics and advantages
Even the most spacious, clean and well-designed space may seem cold, uncomfortable and unwelcoming. That is, if there are no suitable light sources to make the place warmer, brighter and cozier. Wooden ceiling lamps, exquisite and safe to use, are one of the best options to choose when you need to light up your room in the best way possible. »»»

No two people are absolutely alike. Every single person stands out of the crowd in dozens of various ways, differing by their manners, quirks, personality traits, habits, conversation styles and, the last but not the least, in their personal tastes. These include opinions about music, literature, art, and, of course, fashion.
Boho-chic is one of the most free, bright and distinct styles out there at the moment, thanks to its versatility, comfortability, and rich history. A plethora of artists preferred it over any other style for good reason. »»»

Scandinavian style lamps
The Scandinavian style has a certain irresistible charm, getting more and more fans in interior design. The use of light in scandinavian style interior design is one of the most interesting distinguishing traits of the style. »»»

Burl and suvel: the "different" wood
Apart from the "usual" material that is taken from a healthy tree trunk, a few types of differently-textured wood exist. Such wood is taken from peculiar outgrowths on a tree trunk. One such type of wood is burl, and the other is called suvel in Russian. They differ in texture, hardness and the way they grow. »»»